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€ 899,00
Whether heading to the office, brunch or night out with friends, Citybug2 is the smartest, quickest and smoothest ride you can take across the city. With its sleek design, state-of-the-art technology and intuitive handling, it’s as versatile and dynamic as modern urban living. Meticulously made to seamlessly fit into your car, bus, metro, and your lifestyle.
€ 899,00
More power – more fun to drive! The CITYBUG2S has been designed for people with an athletic bent who like to flit about without hassle. With his new powerful 48 V/350 W rear-wheel hub motor the electric scooter will lead you also on hilly roads. Different from Citybug2 the S-version accelerates easily after the kick-start with a thumb throttle used by your right hand. To slow down just release the throttle and apply the supplementary E.A.B. (Electric Assist brake System) o n the front wheel of the scooter. To stop the scooter completely, just press the fender brake. The CITYBUG2S can also be folded very small whenever you want to carry it or stow it away somewhere – pure, uncompromising compactness with an outstanding design!