Whoosh! And you're there!
Fast, easy to handle and uncomplicated – these are the qualities that our CITYBUG embodies. It takes you quickly to your destination in the city even when all the roads are full of traffic. Your intuition is all you need to operate our CITYBUG safely – kick with the foot to get going,
push the handlebar to accelerate and pull it backwards for deceleration. And you can take your CITYBUG anywhere you go by simply folding it together!
Smarter mobility!
We have reinvented electromobility – our CITYBUG takes you wherever you want to get to reliably and smartly. The electric scooter accompanies you on your adventures in the jungle of the big city and is an ideal alternative for commuting to and from work – without polluting
the environment, of course, thanks to zero emissions! The heart of the CITYBUG is a powerful electric drive that does all the hard legwork. Keep ahead of the traffic and enjoy your new found freedom!
Boom! Feel the heartbeat of your city
Whether in New York, San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, London, Taipei, Shanghai or Tokyo, you will be astonished at the new hot spots you can discover with your sleek and elegant CITYBUG. Find cute cafés, hidden parks and long-forgotten pathways: speed and route can be easily adapted or spontaneously changed at will. Jump on and off
without losing speed, meet your friends or drive to the office. Feel the fresh morning wind or enjoy the warm evening sun. Get your CITYBUG now to become part of the new mobility and feel the heartbeat of your city.